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Know what Xanax are.

How Xanax effect you

Xanax is a central nervous depressant, or CND, class benzodiazepine type drug that is used in the treatment of anxiety, restlessness and muscle tension. The drug is a prescription drug given to those in need of the effects to help mostly with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). While people do use it for the intended use, there are users who chose to take more of the drug than prescribed and abuse the effects. For said users, the drug is known under a many different street names, including: Xannies, Bars, Ladders, and Sticks.


Signs & Symptoms

Benzodiazepine abuse in america | Addiction Treatment Helper

Signs of Xanax abuse

For user choosing to use the drug for an unintended use, there are several behavioral side effects that they may experience. Those abusing the drug can find themselves requiring more of the drug to feel the effects, experiencing withdrawal symptoms and manic type mood swings. They may also experience a decrease in motivation, a loss of interest in normal daily activities, cravings, avoiding tasks that require sustained attention, strained relationships with friends and family, and financial issues due to increase in purchases of the drug. 

In the rare case of an overdose one may experience drowsiness, confusion, impaired coordination, or reduced reflexes. In the worst cases the user can be found in a coma or, in the absolute worst case, dead.

The effects that benzodiazepines have on the body can range from minor impairments to, at worst, fatal symptoms.

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Effects on the Body

The normal effects of the drug produce a relaxed feeling that makes the user tired and less talkative in some cases. When abused though, the user can experience some physical and/or mental side effects. For the physical side effects, a user can experience poor balance or coordination, diarrhea, constipation, increased sweating, vomiting, appetite or weight changes, swelling of the hands or feet, muscle weakness, dry mouth, or a stuffy nose.

When a user experiences mental side effects the effects tend to be more inconvenient then harmful, but in the worst-case scenario the user will experience brief memory loss of the events that take place during the use of the drug. But in most cases users will experience dizziness, insomnia, slurred speech, trouble concentrating, irritability, headaches, blurred vision, or decreased libido. 

The length of time the drug will stay in the system in most cases will be up to four days on average. In the cases of a urine test it will be around 5-7 days and will vary with other tests. Blood tests will be 1-6 days, saliva tests will be approximately 2.5 days, and hair tests are traceable for 1-7 days on average, but being able to trace in some cases up to 90 days


National Statistics


drug abuse

increases in 2005

50 Million


were written for xanax in 2013


Prescription rates

climbs for xanax since 2008


Effects on America

While Xanax is a drug that is mostly used as prescribed, there are some out there who may intentionally or unintentionally use the drug in an unapproved way or in an abusive way. With emergency room visits due to recreational abuse of the drug more than doubling from 57,419 in 2005 to 124,902 in 2010, it is easy to see that it is not a huge majority of those abusing the drug. In 2013, 50 million prescriptions were written for Xanax, which is up from 38 million in 2006. And with prescription rates for Xanax climbing at a 9% since 2008 it is best to instruct those on the proper usage of Xanax.






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