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Alcohol Detox

Know what Alcohol Detox is

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is among the famous psychoactive substances in today’s world, so alcohol detox is needed around the world consistently. It’s impacts on human moods and human mental condition are wide-ranging. In terms of alcohol-induced human mental state, alcohol is capable of reducing one’s self-consciousness as well as shyness or reduces inhibitions. However, its intoxicating effect can lead a person into a series of regretful actions over time. When it becomes an issue in everyday life and the individual places alcohol over everything else, it is probably time for Alcohol Detox. 

In an investigation into the relationship between alcoholism and mortality rate, the foundation for a drug-free world reported that alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined. It’s the major culprit responsible for the death of 15- to 24-year-olds people in the United States. Alcohol has also been reported to claim the lives of many gifted artists, musicians, and writers over the past decades. Notable ones include John Bonham, Steve Clark, Michael Clarke, Brian Connolly, Oliver Reed.

Sequel to those circumstances and many undocumented matters arising from alcoholism, both governmental and non-governmental agencies have intensified campaigns against alcohol addiction. As more people are becoming conscious of the adverse effect associated with alcoholism – Memory loss, amnesia, anxiety, depression heart diseases and obesity, the rate of alcohol withdrawal is growing apace. 

Drawing on data released by the National Survey on Drug and Health in 2015 , it’s pertinent to note that only a few percentages of those engaged in alcohol withdrawal often seek medical assistance during the process. Though having an increasing record of alcohol withdrawal is good, it’s not a safe option for anyone cutting back on how much alcohol they drink. It can cause racing heart, higher temperature, and sweating, among other much more deadly things like Delirium Tremens.

Alcohol Detox

alcohol detox and what to expect | Addiction Treatment Center

It’s best to seek medical attention for alcohol detox if ANY symptoms present themselves. Such a decision can help mitigate against any issue emanating from alcohol withdrawal. Some worthy information to note regarding alcohol detox include : 

  • Symptoms of alcohol detox
  • Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal
  • how alcohol detox happens
  • medical needs and medications for alcohol detox
  • length of stay


When someone with a dependence on alcohol undergoes a detox program, they might develop withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. At the initial stage of the alcohol detox program, symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia as well as sweating can become imminent. These smaller symptoms can evolve rapidly though when alcohol is removed from an individual for more than 24 hours. Alcohol-Induced Seizures can happen in some when alcohol is removed and this is life-threatening. This is a very serious condition and needs medical attention immediately. 


Alcohol withdrawal is the act of quitting drinking alcohol abruptly. In such condition, the functioning of the central nervous system attempts to readjust to the lack of alcohol. Before the CNS adapts to not having alcohol around, a hypersympathetic state can evolve. If it is escalated, the withdrawal can lead to death.


The detox process is in stages . It includes : 





Intake : Here, the medical team is expected to engage in a detailed examination of both medical and psychiatric record of an individual aiming to opt for alcohol detox. That helps to understand the body chemistry of the individuals and overall situation of things. 

Medication : Thereafter , the patient is placed on impactful medications that can mimic the effect of alcohol on the body. Such medication often target the general discomfort experienced by the patient.

Stabilization : The patient undergoes medical and psychological therapies to help them reach a balance of mind and body.

Before the CNS adapts to not having alcohol around, a hypersympathetic state can evolve. If it is escalated, the withdrawal can lead to death.

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Alcohol Detox


Benzodiazepines, including Librium, Valium, and Ativan, are commonly used for alcohol treatment. They’ve been reputed for reducing alcohol withdrawal symptoms and also prevent alcohol withdrawal seizures. Given in a style of medicating called a taper, the individual is slowly reduced on the medication over a given time period. This greatly reduces the chances of seizures and having complications with alcohol withdrawl. 

Alcohol Detox


It varies according to the condition of the patient but usually for alcohol detox it is 7-10 days. 

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